Join Us For This Free Event

Tour is now over and was a huge success - thanks for coming!

REFUGEE CAMP IN YOUR CITY's second tour in Australia has just completed!

Pitched in Adelaide and Melbourne this year, the crowds braved some wet weather and cold temperatures to gain insight of the challenges faced by refugees throughout the world.

A recreation of a refugee camp and its facilities, REFUGEE CAMP IN YOUR CITY aims to create a better understanding of the vulnerability of life for displaced people and refugees who have fled their homes. There are forty two million people throughout the world who are either refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs) and have fled in search of safety from armed conflict. At REFUGEE CAMP IN YOUR CITY, their experiences and everyday life are interpreted in free, guided tours led by Médecins Sans Frontières Australian experienced field workers who have witnessed life in a refugee camp first-hand.

Thank you for visiting our tour this year, we hope you found it informative and compelling.

For those that missed out this year, feel free to browse our website to learn more about this rare chance to experience firsthand about what happens in a refugee camp.